What happens now?...

  • If your care manager has told you that Elpis might be your new home, it’s really important that you feel that we are the right place for you and that you have time and information to help you to decide.


  • You will make an informal visit to Elpis with your care manager to see the accommodation that we offer, and to meet some of our friendly staff who will tell you about the services we provide. Some of the other young women who live in Elpis might be around on your visit, and will be happy to chat with you about how they find their stay with us.


  • After your visit, you will discuss with your care manager what you thought about your visit - and decide together if you will move into Elpis.


  • If Elpis is where you want to live, you will then make a second visit with your care manager to find out in more detail about how we can support you. The more questions you have the better! You will be shown the flat that will be your new home.


  • Timescales for moving in - if we have a vacancy then a planned move in will take place as soon as possible. If we do not have a vacancy then we will keep your name on our waiting list and update your Care Manager when a placement becomes available.


  • We will give you a welcome pack of toiletries and products when you first move in, and lots of information about living in Elpis and how to get the most from your stay with us.


  • We have five self-contained flats that are fully furnished. If one of these is your new home. You will have your own living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in your flat. We also have two shared flats where you will share with one other young person - you will have your own living and bedroom and will share the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have pictures and ornaments, as well as your clothes and other belongings, you can bring them along. All flats have free wi-fi that you can use.


  • Everyone who lives in Elpis are invited to eat together on Wednesday and Sunday evening. Elpis’ staff organize meals and all the young women who live in Elpis are asked to participate by helping prepare and cook food and to help clean up after dinner. The rest of the time you will make your own meals. If you are not too good with cooking, don’t worry – we can help you learn.


  • We are really looking forward to you stay, but if there is anything you would like to find out about living in Elpis before then, please contact us on 0141 946 0605 or email: info@elpis.com