How to refer to Elpis...

If you are a care manager employed by Glasgow City Council, and think that Elpis might be suitable for a young woman you are working with, this is what to do.


  • If your client fits Elpis’ criteria (is aged between 16 and 25 years - and is either homeless, with care experience or an unaccompanied asylum seeker) then please contact a member of our management team to discuss her needs. We will give you more information about the support we offer and how we may be able to help your client.


Phone Number: 0141 946 0605


  • If you wish to proceed with a placement to Elpis after the phone call, the next step – as we will discuss with you - is for you to contact Glasgow City Council’s Leaving Care Team. The Duty Worker at the Leaving Care Team will link you to the Resource Priority Group (RPG that meets regularly to match those needing placements with service providers.


  • If Elpis is chosen by the RPG as the right provider for your client, we look forward to giving her the care and support that she needs when she comes to Elpis, and to continue working with you.


  • If Elpis is not the chosen provider on this occasion, we hope to be able to help you and your clients in the future, and if you wish to see the accommodation and services that we provide please get in touch to arrange a visit.